• The 1001 Politics of the Archive


    “The implications of Google have real implications for mass social procedure, on how we enquire,. “It’s so much bigger than terrifying – it’s Interesting.”

    An early look at Googlephilia, for a panel discussion at the Next 5 Minutes festival in Amsterdam, 13 September 2003.

    Next 5 Minutes Festival, 2003Read More

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    Chris Anderson makes me a bet


    “Or the arrival of the Web browser, which blew millions of minds, making a mouseclick feel like teleportation.”
    Chris Anderson, Wired

    I was really calling the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, to check up on which weird and interesting drugs he was taking when he wrote the sentence you see above you.

    [* answer below]

    Anderson bet me that in five years time, there will be more 802.11 chipsets then there will be mobile phone chipsets. Naturally, opportunities like … Read More

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  • Anti-war slogan coined, repurposed and Googlewashed … in 42 days


    This year marks the 100th anniversary of George Orwell’s birth, and the writer who best explained the power of language on politics would be amazed what can be done with the Internet.
    Second Superpower
    On February 17 [2003] a front page news analysis in the New York Times bylined by Patrick Tyler described the global anti-war protests as the emergence of “the second superpower”.

    Tyler wrote:

    “…the huge anti-war demonstrations around the world this weekend are reminders that there may still be

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  • “This MS Antitrust story was created by a computer program”


    Google’s News service is remarkable: and the most astonishing thing about it is that it is generated automatically.

    ” The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program,” says a note at the foot of each page.

    But why stop there? Why not use Perl scripts to generate the copy, too? You don’t need messy human wetware – foul drunken journalists – and it’s much more of an “end-to-end” solution, whatever that may … Read More

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  • Physics hoaxers discover Quantum Bogosity?


    The physics establishment appears to be unable to decide whether papers submitted by two former French TV presenters are a scientific breakthrough or an elaborate hoax. The debunking to date has been done on Usenet groups and informally, over the Internet.

    The pranksters evaded the rigorous peer review process employed by scientific journals, and have succeeded in publishing four physics papers. The pair even won themselves PhDs into the bargain.

    Grichka and Igor Bogdanov succeeded in having Topological field theory Read More

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  • Ex ICANN chief spotted in Low Earth Orbit


    Esther Dyson has made one of her occasional swings past Earth, with Salon.com’s Farhad Manjoo making radio contact as her low earth orbit took her over San Francisco.

    The former ICANN chief has lost none of eccentricity on her on her voyage through the galaxy.

    “Let’s get real!,” she proclaims – an alert for regular readers to take cover, to avoid being hit by a flock of birds flying backwards.

    “I want to fix it.”

    Esther weighs in on the … Read More

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