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  • How to copyright Michelangelo: Eicher


    Commissioned as a Christmas special for 2007, this was a couple of years in the making.

    Some of the world’s greatest artworks are turning into copyrighted properties. Five hundred years ago, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Today, those images are copyrighted. How can ancient cultural icons become commercial properties, centuries after they fall into the public domain?

    How this happened is a story that takes us from a Crusading Pope in the Borgias era, all the way to Bill … Read More

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  • Burning Man, meet Drowning Man


    Silicon Valley’s freak-out meets Katrina, with a bump

    The writer had found an elusive internet connection, and reaching beyond exhaustion was finding words to record the madness around him:

    “We are operating on something beyond tired, beyond care, beyond recognition,” he wrote. “You just keep going, because you have no choice.”

    New Orleans? No, Burning Man.

    The writer was describing America’s greatest party, although word only seeped through about the disaster unfolding in America’s greatest party city, 2,000 miles away.… Read More

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  • Sun’s newest star lauds the PT Barnum way


    “The web is now nature,” says Glenn Edens, one of Sun Microsystems’ most important executives, and its fastest-rising star.

    The senior VP has been Director of Sun Labs for around 18 months, but the bright lights of Hollywood now beckon. He’s been picked to head Sun’s newest creation, a vertical business unit aimed at converged media, entertainment and broadband, which was announced with a flourish in Las Vegas at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show.… Read More

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