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  • Technorati knocks itself out. Again


    Technorati, the comically inept search engine, has redesigned itself again – knocking itself out in the process.

    The site was down when bloggers checked in yesterday.

    More importantly, the latest redesign is a tacit admission that it’s given up on its original mission – indexing the world’s weblogs. Technorati now claims to present “zillions of photos, videos, blogs and more”, and rather apologetically adds the rejoinder: “Some of them have to be good.

    No. Why?

    In practice, Technorati … Read More

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  • Govt IT 2.0: self-nominated for glory


    Although the New Statesman magazine’s annual New Media Awards (NMA) don’t quite match up to the EFF’s annual Nepotism Award – nothing quite does – they’re still a rich source of humour and embarrassment.

    Getting an NMA is the equivalent of getting an orange at half time from the coach of your village football team, just for turning up in the rain. But this year, even by its own standards, New Statesman appears to have outsourced the nominations to a … Read More

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  • EFF founder must be cheered for founding EFF – EFF Founder


    He made it. Now it made him

    If you think that backslapping awards and honorific titles are a feudal relic – an archaic and degenerate indulgence of the old world’s imperial plutocracies, think again. They’re alive and well in the New World – and flourishing in the even Newer World of Cyberspace!

    Which, we can’t help noticing, has its own self-congratulatory plutocracy, whose members are just as eager to slap each other on the back, and give each other fancy … Read More

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