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  • Netizens: white, wealthy and middle class (and full of it)


    Diversity in action: bloggers

    “The Internet is becoming more and more widespread and will increasingly represent a scientific random sample of the population,” claims ICANN’s newest board member, Joi Ito. Quite what scientific experiments he will wish to perform, once the desired sample size has been reached, remains a mystery. But like many people who spend too long in front of their computers, he’s talking about a Platonic ideal rather than the real world.

    A survey by the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications … Read More

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  • How Wikipedia ‘will make universities obsolete’


    For most web surfers, the Wikipedia is simply an occasionally useful online resource that needs to be taken with a huge sackful of salt. For others, it’s a poor excuse for a real encylopedia. But for its proponents, it’s nothing short of revolutionary! It’s Emergent, you see.

    A column by veteran tech writer Al Fasoldt has provoked some furious defenses of the site, in a similar spirit to the ones we received here recently. What they lack in coherence, they … Read More

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  • One blogger is worth ten votes – Harvard man


    Working in his secret laboratory at Harvard University, a Fellow of the prestigious institution has come up with a formula that rocks electoral maths to its core.

    Former software developer Dave Winer has worked out that one weblogger is worth ten ordinary voters, and he revealed the results of his complex calculations to Wired this week.

    Normally we avoid ten-a-penny Internet cranks. The gaffe-prone former software developer has put his foot in his mouth so many times it probably qualifies … Read More

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    Chris Anderson makes me a bet


    “Or the arrival of the Web browser, which blew millions of minds, making a mouseclick feel like teleportation.”
    Chris Anderson, Wired

    I was really calling the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, to check up on which weird and interesting drugs he was taking when he wrote the sentence you see above you.

    [* answer below]

    Anderson bet me that in five years time, there will be more 802.11 chipsets then there will be mobile phone chipsets. Naturally, opportunities like … Read More

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  • Ex ICANN chief spotted in Low Earth Orbit


    Esther Dyson has made one of her occasional swings past Earth, with Salon.com’s Farhad Manjoo making radio contact as her low earth orbit took her over San Francisco.

    The former ICANN chief has lost none of eccentricity on her on her voyage through the galaxy.

    “Let’s get real!,” she proclaims – an alert for regular readers to take cover, to avoid being hit by a flock of birds flying backwards.

    “I want to fix it.”

    Esther weighs in on the … Read More

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