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  • The IPO Enquiry

    The IPO Enquiry



    Sketches from the three hearings held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Intellectual Property’s enquiry into the IPO in April and May 2012

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  • Parody is illegal, say barmy bureaucrats

    Parody is illegal, say barmy bureaucrats


    put_that_parody_downThe IPO chose Office Party Friday last week to unveil 15 more proposals on intellectual property reform. This is traditionally the most alcoholic workday of the year – and ministers might need another stiff drink as they digest the surprises that ideologically fanatical bureaucrats have been preparing for them.


    Among the proposals is the suggestion to make copyright opt-in, which means the UK will be breaching European and international law, and the strange notion that parody and satire are … Read More

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  • The bureaucratic elite and the Google Review. The story continues…


    It’s also a stealth project – ECL was omitted from the Executive Summary that only hurried politicians and the media ever read

    The Business Department BiS has launched a copyright consultation, inviting views on the recommendations raised in the "Google Review", as the "Hargreaves Review into IP and Growth" became known.

    Hargreaves was tasked with looking for changes in UK IP law that could stimulate economic growth. Ian Hargreaves’ review featured significant input from the IPO, formerly the Patent Office, … Read More

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