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  • Self-driving cars are going nowhere


    In this column at the Daily Telegraph, I explain why so little progress has been made in autonomous driving, and ask – why did we ever think this was a good idea? There’s no evidence that consumers ever wanted them.

    Demand for Autonomous Vehicles has come from people who talk about technology for a living, rather than do it: public officials, and future-gazers, largely. It’s an exercise only made possible by cheap money and a disconnect between engineering and public … Read More

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  • Why do sheep need Twitter?

    Why do sheep need Twitter?


    Spot the broadband user in this picture

    A House of Lords committee this week declared that British taxpayers must foot the bill for an internet that nobody wants – unless perhaps they have a second home in the country.

    Some observations by the committee may be accurate: Britain’s broadband is slower than its rivals. But this doesn’t seem to be what vexes our noble and learned friends. Observations don’t amount to a rational argument – what the Lords are making … Read More

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  • How to fix the broken internet economy

    How to fix the broken internet economy


    How can we begin to unpick the tangled mess that the technology and creative industries have created?

    There’s certainly no shortage of blame to go around. In the past every new wave of technology has delivered healthy creative markets – but today this is no longer happening.

    Just 20 years since the birth of the internet economy, with the advent of the worldwide web, it’s worth asking why. It’s time we looked afresh at where both industries went wrong, and … Read More

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  • The IPO Enquiry

    The IPO Enquiry



    Sketches from the three hearings held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Intellectual Property’s enquiry into the IPO in April and May 2012

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  • Popper, Soros, and Pseudo-Masochism

    Popper, Soros, and Pseudo-Masochism



    A new report by intellectual property campaigners has again put the UK on the naughty step.

    This year, as last year, activists list the UK alongside Brazil and Thailand as having the most “oppressive” copyright laws in the world. The report was published by an international NGO called Consumer International, but this delegates the work out to a Soros-funded group called A2K.

    It’s certainly a bold point of view. How does it arrive at this conclusion? Helpfully, we have the … Read More

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  • A short history of “Breaking the Internet”


    “I am the head of IT and I have it on good authority that if you type ‘Google’ into Google, you can break the Internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. It’s not a laughing matter. You can break the Internet”
    – Jen, The IT Crowd

    For 15 years internet companies have been waging a war against any kind of laws that establish properties and permissions for digital things. Every attempt to do so has been … Read More

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