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  • Why animals shouldn’t be able to sue you


    Mr Ed, the talking attorney

    Obama’s “regulation czar” Professor Cass Sunstein wants animals to be able to sue.

    Animals can’t reason or express themselves, naturally, so the litigation would be handled by human lawyers, acting as ventriloquists on behalf of the animal kingdom. Think Mister Ed the talking horse, crossed with Eliot Spitzer.

    “Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian-like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients’ behalf,” according to … Read More

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  • The Hollywood crisis that isn’t


    Everyone panic – that’s an order!

    Analysis Barely a week has gone by without reports of Hollywood’s great box office slump of 2005. So our thanks go to screenwriter John August for pointing out that on closer examination, the ‘slump’ is as elusive as missing Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    “Every Monday brought new speculation about just what was causing the downturn, and What It Really Meant. Could the problem be the poor state of movie theaters, the growth of DVD, … Read More

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  • Police stake out bar, hoping to catch man drunk


    Canadian cops staked out a bar in the hope of finding a journalist drunk, a court heard today.

    The journalist in question, Edmonton newspaper columnist Kerry Diotte, wasn’t suspected of involvement in any crime. But Diotte had written a column criticizing the police force’s radar and camera technology as being more of a cash cow for the force than an effective measure against road fatalities – and the story enraged the local constabulary.

    Diotte has been a consistent critic of … Read More

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