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  • Creator haters at the LSE


    “one last fag, then bop, bop, bop”

    – Wolfie Smith

    London School of Economics I saw one of the most disturbing of all. If you thought people don’t behave in real life like they do online, think again. Here were all the most unpleasant aspects of online behaviour – ignorance, rudeness, groupthink, and a general sneering moral superiority – but made flesh. By the end, it had degenerated into farce. So what was it all about?

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  • “The Government wants to copyright my thoughts!”


    They’re coming to take me away – ha haa!” – Napoleon XIV

    The Patient

    A student, Robert Soave writing in The Michigan, the student paper at the University of Michigan.

    Clinical Symptoms

    The patient is fearful:

    “The idea that information can be owned is quite terrifying”

    He also fears a loss of identity. Once something is digitally encoded, all rights vanish, according the patient.

    “How can one possibly lay claim to information?”

    Soave says that creator’s rights … Read More

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  • Ursula le Guin dings surly Boing Boing


    Science Fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin has given the anti-copyright fanatics at the Boing Boing weblog a quick refresher in authors’ rights.

    The blog posted a short piece by Le Guin, erroneously slapping a Creative Commons license on it.

    “This is incorrect,” wrote her representative. “Ms. Le Guin has not placed this work under such a license and retains these rights. Ms. Le Guin has not given blanket permission for everyone to copy or create derivatives (which can include … Read More

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  • World’s dumbest file-sharer mulls appeal


    Ironically-named P2P user Jammie Thomas, who was fined $220,000 for copyright infringement in a case brought by the RIAA last week, wants to appeal the Minnesota jury’s verdict.

    The lady is certainly unlucky. But is she ill-advised by her attorney Brian Toder – or is she just incredibly stupid? You decide:

    • Jammie Thomas had used one hard drive for her Kazaa file sharing… then sent a different one to the plaintiffs. Amazingly, they noticed.


    • Thomas’s attorney claimed that her
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  • File sharers: spare me the phony outrage


    Last week, the ailing sound recording industry in America found someone even dumber to pick on. Kazaa user Jammie Thomas had got on the internet, and was doing just what the adverts and mass media say you should do once you’re there – fill your boots with free stuff.

    This is a case that should make everyone involved feel ashamed of themselves – with no exceptions. But I’m amazed by the howls of outrage.

    Without this free stuff, the internet … Read More

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