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  • Stephen Fry explains how GPS and the Internet work


    Writer, broadcaster and National Treasure™ Stephen Fry has struck again. The ubiquitous luvvie revealed the depths of his technical understanding on the the panel show QI XL, the self-styled “home of highbrow know-how”.

    First, GPS. How does that work, Stephen?

    “You send a signal from your GPS device,” he explained. “You’ve got to be at least three, usually four or five satellites – that receive your signal. And the difference in time it takes to get from one satellite … Read More

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  • Stephen Fry chucks cash at hopeless browser plugin

    Stephen Fry chucks cash at hopeless browser plugin


    Stephen Fry’s reputation as a technology expert has taken another dent. The ubiquitous luvvie has invested in Pushnote, a commenting system for websites. “Makes the web one big democratic comment platform,” Fry tweeted.

    It’s actually a social network – but one that’s parasitic on other sites.

    There’s just one catch. … Read More

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