• “The price of nothing”

    “The price of nothing”


    Kim Dotcom has a new service, with features that Forbes calls “See No Evil, Store No Evil”. But perhaps that should be “see no value, store no value”.

    I have not come to mock the rotund self-promoter, but rather to talk about what might happen if its users were to throw themselves at the service to share copyrighted content. But first, a history lesson.

    One criticism of the monetarists during the Thatcher years was that they “knew the price of … Read More

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  • Why do sheep need Twitter?

    Why do sheep need Twitter?


    Spot the broadband user in this picture

    A House of Lords committee this week declared that British taxpayers must foot the bill for an internet that nobody wants – unless perhaps they have a second home in the country.

    Some observations by the committee may be accurate: Britain’s broadband is slower than its rivals. But this doesn’t seem to be what vexes our noble and learned friends. Observations don’t amount to a rational argument – what the Lords are making … Read More

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  • How to fix the broken internet economy

    How to fix the broken internet economy


    How can we begin to unpick the tangled mess that the technology and creative industries have created?

    There’s certainly no shortage of blame to go around. In the past every new wave of technology has delivered healthy creative markets – but today this is no longer happening.

    Just 20 years since the birth of the internet economy, with the advent of the worldwide web, it’s worth asking why. It’s time we looked afresh at where both industries went wrong, and … Read More

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  • The Open Rights Group gets rights wrong. Again

    The Open Rights Group gets rights wrong. Again



    When Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock opens his mouth, his foot soon disappears inside. The UK’s leading digital rights advocate has just demonstrated still more difficulty understanding the “rights” the group campaigns about.

    At a Citizen 2012 data conference in London yesterday, where he was introduced as “the infamous Jim Killock”, Citizen Jim listed the many injustices of the UK’s copyright law.

    “The Olympic logo is copyright. The Olympic mascots are copyright. Therefore, reusing them is a breach … Read More

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  • Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach the  desktop, and pound it flat

    Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach the desktop, and pound it flat



    The revolutionary dogma of Metro is sweeping through the old Windows desktop, too, a new leak of Window 8 confirms. The leaked build, newer than the public release of a fortnight ago, abandons the 3D design elements introduced into Windows in 1990 for a resolutely two-dimensional world. The ‘legacy’ desktop in Windows 8 is denuded of anything that takes advantage of human depth perception, such as window shadows, gradients or sculpted controls.

    It’s a flat, flat world.… Read More

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  • The IPO Enquiry

    The IPO Enquiry



    Sketches from the three hearings held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Intellectual Property’s enquiry into the IPO in April and May 2012

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