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  • Nature ISN’T fragile – nor a bossy mother-in-law

    Nature ISN’T fragile – nor a bossy mother-in-law



    The Green movement needs to rethink its philosophy from the ground-up. That’s according to Peter Kareiva, a leading conservation expert and chief scientist for The Nature Conservancy, the world’s biggest environmental group.

    It must abandon the idea that nature is “feminine” and in particular that it’s “fragile”, he said, because not only is this artificial, it’s wrong, and so many bad ideas follow.

    When people believe that a fragile “Mother Nature” is harmed by anything humans do, it’s actually the … Read More

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  • Panic in The Chocolate Factory

    Panic in The Chocolate Factory


    Is Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is good for Android, or an expensive mistake for Google, made in a moment of irrational panic. Columnist Matt Asay thinks it “spells iPhone doom“, and he’s not alone. John C Dvorak thinks it’s “pure genius“. This supposes that Google performed a cost-benefit analysis and calculated that the cost of not buying Motorola’s phone and set-top box division was greater than $12.5bn.

    I beg to differ. Not all business decisions, … Read More

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  • DRM: Paranoia and panic is the default setting


    Seven years ago, it was an effort to get people interested in DRM issues. Today, as the internet pulsates with rumour, paranoia and conspiracy, there’s a different kind of problem. This constant background noise – and people’s willingness to jump in fear at their own shadows.

    Instead of information scarcity, there’s information overload. So to make sense of this Tower of Babel, people construct a “Daily Me”, establish informal social networks of news sources. These, in turn, tell people how

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