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  • Twitter’s Jam Festival


    Writing about Twitter is the journalistic equivalent of eating the fluff from your navel. The posh papers love it. Menopausal middle-aged hacks love it. The BBC is obsessed with it. Instead of telling us something we didn’t know before, Twitter makes churnalism so easy, it practically automates the entire job.

    The rest of the world, however, completely ignores it. But with the journalists’ attention fixed firmly on each others’ navels, they don’t seem to realise what a fringe activity Twitter … Read More

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  • NASA’s greatest clanger


    Rights to the celebrated documentary The Clangers are changing hands. Often mistakenly described as “a children’s programme”, the 1970s series revealed for the first time the existence of an advanced knitwear-based lunar civilisation, knowledge of which has been suppressed by governments and space agencies ever since.

    Lost civilisation

    Not only was the vast body of evidence of the Clanger civilisation never formally acknowledged by NASA, but neither was a great deal of natural lunar vegetation (sentient music trees) and unique geographical features … Read More

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  • Feds seize biker gang’s trademark


    Federal investigators have hit a California biker gang where it hurts – by seizing the group’s trademark. The Mongols OutLaw Biker Gang [website] attracted the attention of the DoJ’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department, with 61 indictments issued today. Search warrants were issued in six states yesterday, following a long undercover investigation. Gang members’ bikes were impounded, but it’s the seizure of the Mongol’s trademark that will raise eyebrows.

    Under Federal racketeering laws, introduced in 1970 to counter organised crime, … Read More

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  • Ancient satire foretold AOL’s privacy disaster


    “The Internet is becoming more and more widespread and will increasingly represent a scientific random sample of the population”
    – Joi Ito

    “Igor, to the machines – we have a sample”

    One thing seems to have been forgotten following AOL’s careless, but quite magnificent data dump of the internet’s “hive mind” at play this week.

    AOL’s assiduous documentation of the private thoughts of over 600,000 web searchers has certainly added some much needed sparkle to a public internet that of … Read More

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  • Kevin Kelly: the first human/Martian hybrid?


    Kevin Kelly enslaved
    Interbreeding between humans and aliens is a recurrent theme of science fiction – and late night talk radio. But could an example we’ve unearthed from near San Francisco, California, prove to be the first living example?

    Scientists have been able to identify human DNA for over 40 years. And here at The Register, we have access to our own stock of Martian DNA – courtesy, of course, of cult commentator and philosopher amanfromMars.

    The startling discovery that DNA may … Read More

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  • “The Government wants to copyright my thoughts!”


    They’re coming to take me away – ha haa!” – Napoleon XIV

    The Patient

    A student, Robert Soave writing in The Michigan, the student paper at the University of Michigan.

    Clinical Symptoms

    The patient is fearful:

    “The idea that information can be owned is quite terrifying”

    He also fears a loss of identity. Once something is digitally encoded, all rights vanish, according the patient.

    “How can one possibly lay claim to information?”

    Soave says that creator’s rights … Read More

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